The Earth is in need of scalable solutions for climate change

GeoSolar Technologies is revolutionizing the way we heat, cool, and power homes with 100% natural energy sources.

Our patent-pending system harness energy from the earth and sun to naturally power homes and cars without the use of fossil fuels.

Creating a healthier living environment while taking the home to net zero carbon.

Existing homes are a major cause of the climate crisis

The U.S. has 84 million outdated homes with obsolete, fossil fuel driven energy systems that are highly toxic and polluting. This way of living is contributing to massive climate problems creating an unhealthy living atmosphere for residents. Homes account for approximately 33% of CO2 emissions in the Unites States. 62% of electricity used in buildings is generated from natural gas and coal-fired power plants.

The Opportunity


The Problem

A typical carbon-powered U.S. home uses 12,146 kWh of electricity and generates 8.8 metric tons of CO2 emissions each year. The end result is harmful, produces greenhouse gas emissions, and delivers poor indoor air quality.


The Solution

GeoSolarPlus® delivers a cleaner, safer indoor living environment. Our complete home energy retrofits generate enough renewable energy to power homes without utility bills, increases home values, and help save the planet.


The Execution

The integrated system can be retrofitted to old homes or placed onto new developments. The process only takes a few weeks to make the entire home carbon free, solar powered, and purified of any air contaminants.


The Potential

For a true impact on the climate crisis, GeoSolar Technologies aims to apply this integrated system to 120 million homes, buildings, and businesses in the U.S. alone. This would decrease carbon emissions by 60 trillion tons.

Leadership & Management Team

The GeoSolar Technologies leadership & management team includes some of the world’s most experienced and respected leaders in the field of decarbonization and sustainable homes.

Every member of the team is extremely concerned about the climate crisis and is passionate about doing their part to create a cleaner, healthier planet for now and future generations.
Stone Douglass
President, CEO, Director
A seasoned 30-year public company executive and former Chairman and CEO of the Piper Aircraft Company; He will be responsible for strategic and executive decisions, financial controls, establishing and meeting revenue, EBITDA projections, and corporate governance.
Norbert Klebl
Senior VP, Development Director
Recognized as one of the leading experts in the world in the zero-carbon innovation and residential developments. Norbert is a German trained engineer, partner with McKinsey for 16 years, and has an MBA from Columbia.
Brent Mosbarger
Senior VP Commercial Operations
Highly respected geothermal/solar PV engineer for Chevron Energy’s green operations; He was a project manager and a high-level executive leader for $400 million in innovative geothermal/solar PV retrofits including the governor’s mansion and statehouse building in Colorado.
Robert Reid
Director of Real Estate Operations
Senior level executive with Standard Pacific, one of the largest homebuilders in the United States. Responsible for the construction of over 10,000 homes in Colorado over three decades.
Michael Brothers
Director of Business Development
Officer & Director of Florida-Based solar company. Manages public ownership and commercial install of solar systems to condominium communities. Consults to a Dallas-based solar company
John Balbach
Director of Strategy
Managing Partner/COO of Cleantech Group, facilitating over $1.8 billion for energy projects. Founding MD of Cleanpath Ventures, a revolving $50 million mezzanine utility solar project fund.
Power your home with the earth and the sun